Online soccer scoreboards!

With Refcloud you can instantly create a game scoreboard.

When a referee or other scorekeeper uses the Refcloud app to keep track of the time, score and penalties for a game, Refcloud generates a unique scoreboard page for that game.

Spectators in the stands or anywhere can view a game's scoreboard on any device. Live updating scoreboards are simple web pages with no log in or app download reqiuired.

Refcloud also provides tools for league administrators to manage groups of scorekeepers and connect fans to game scoreboards on game day.

Refcloud for leagues

We provide you simple tools to connect your spectators with game scoreboards.

League setup is just a few simple steps:

  • Set game locations

    Locations can be a specific or general as you want, from a school or park name down to precise map coordinates. Your spectators will find scoreboards by location.

  • Authorize scorekeepers

    Only the scorekeepers you invite will have permission to create Refcloud scoreboards at your league's locations.

  • Create game templates

    Game templates ensure that your Scorekeepers set up their games consistently and with just a few clicks.




  • 5 games / calendar month
  • Unlimited game locations
  • Unlimited scorekeepers
  • Multiple administrator accounts
  • Configurable league page
Your subscription will change to the Free monthly plan at the end of the current billing period. You will be charged for any overages at the end of the current billing period.
* Paid monthly subscription plans automatically renew each month. In order to avoid being charged for the following billing period, switch to the Free plan before the end of the current billing period.

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Refcloud for scorekeepers

Use the Refcloud app to keep track of game time, goals and penalties. The app automatically creates and updates a scoreboard at Refcloud for spectators.

  • Create game templates

    Configure routine game details such as duration and overtime once. Then use your template to get games up and running in just a few clicks.

  • Share scoreboards with fans at the field or anywhere in the world

    Every game you create has a live updating scoreboard page at Refcloud. Share links to the socreboards with spectators, coaches and players.

  • Keep a convenient history of games you have scored

    All your past games are stored in the app for quick reference later.

  • The simple, distraction free interface stays out of your way and lets you focus on the game

    We know your attention needs to be on the game. Our app has been thoughtfully designed to provide only the information you need when you need it.


League scorekeeper

  • Unlimited league games per month*
  • Unlimited game templates
  • Share scoreboards with spectators
  • League membership required
  • *Leagues may have monthly or yearly game limits.

Independant scorekeeper

  • Unlimited games per month
  • Unlimited game templates
  • Share scoreboards with spectators
  • No league membership required
** The beta version of the new web app is completely free to use for now.