1. What is Refcloud?
Refcloud is a shared scoreboard app designed to give spectators instant access to realtime game information. This includes scores, penalties and time remaining.
2. Who controls the timer, scoring and penalties on a Refcloud scoreboard?
The game's scorekeeper uses the Refcloud app to control the game.
3. I am a scorekeeper. Where can I get the Refcloud app?
The Refcloud app is available in the Apple App Store. At this time the app is only available for iOS devices.
4. I just saw an message while viewing a game that said 'Game updates may delayed up to 30 seconds.' What does that mean?
In order to provide you realtime game updates, your browser must maintain an open connection to the Refcloud servers. If for some reason such a connection cannot be maintained, the scoreboard falls back to periodically reloading its data from the server. This error is most often caused by using an older web browser.
5. I think my scoreboard missed an update from the scorekeeper. What can I do?
Refresh your browser window. While a game is in progress your scoreboard maintains a connection to Refcloud to get the latest updates. If that connection is interrupted for some reason updates could be missed. Refreshing your browser window not only gets the most up to date game information, it also re-establishes the live connection.